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Muhammad Hamza

London, United Kingdom
Muhammad Hamza is a Master's student in "Telecommunications with Business" program at University College London. He is currently researching Mergers and Acquisitions in the Telecommunications/ICT Industry with the research focus of exploring the critical factors that decide whether an M&A will create or destroy value. He is considering retrospective studies of variety of mergers in EU, UK and USA as the basis of literature. The secondary research constitutes of empirical studies over M&A and the research work done by the MBB consultants.
In his recent coursework, he has studied leadership traits and styles, change management, organisational design, innovation management and the advantages and disadvantages of acquiring small, lean and technologically advanced businesses/start-ups.
He has also derived a model for managing organisational change by cascading two studies that are published by Harvard Business Review. The derived model combines Kotter’s model with D.I.C.E (Duration, Integrity, Commitment and Effort) framework. The model helps to lock performance, identity and commitment at both top and low level.
Recently, he has attended a couple of world class business conferences organised by Saïd Business School and Blavatnik School of Government at University of Oxford. The conferences helped him to learn about the business scope, media/telecom revolution, educational policy, innovative projects and entrepreneurial landscape in Africa. He has also attended Global IoT Tech Expo held in London where he advised the founder of a start-up (EarTex) about a potential market for his product. In addition to this, he has advised one ongoing start-up (a mentoring platform) on its scalability problem.
His recent encounter with innovation is the development of a Smart Library System by a team of four. He was responsible for connecting different systems with a Cloud platform. The project achieved its aim of providing comfort and occupancy information to the users.
He has participated in various innovative initiatives during his undergraduate studies. The most prominent one was the development of a Portable Cardiac Monitoring System where he led a team of four. The prototype allowed the doctors to monitor and record patient’s cardiac activity over a long period of time. The project was listed among top ten by IEEE and received a special recognition from Vice Chancellor. In addition to the engineering projects, he was part of a team of four that developed a brief business case for a Home Automation company.
He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore. He has earned Prime Minister’s Internship award. He is passionate about technology, business strategy, M&A management, strategic management, sustainable businesses and social/tech. entrepreneurship. He has campaigned to create awareness for climate change among fellow students by debating and essay writing throughout his school and university education. He likes traveling, geography, volunteering and lawn tennis. He is currently planning to attend Stanford University's Ignite London, an entrepreneurial and innovation empowering program commencing this September. He wishes to study MBA in a top business school in near future.

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